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Online resources: Finding activities for Young STEM Leaders to lead

Presentation by Amy Dixon, SSERC ARTAV

YSLP Tutor Assessor Conference 24 October 2021

The following websites have lots of ideas for activities that could be led by Young STEM Leaders.  Resources are generally simple, cheap and easy to source.


ExpeRimental | The Royal Institution: Science Lives Here (

A free online video resource aimed at Primary age, featuring experiments that are fun, easy and cheap to do in school or at home.  Good filter to sort videos.


Dynamic Earth Online | Online Learning | Scotland

Discover fun, fascinating activities created by the Dynamic Earth Learning Service, ranging from experiments and crafts, climate change science and stories, short videos, and thought-provoking reading and more!  Be sure to check back in regularly for new content every week.


DIY Videos | Students | Siemens United Kingdom

Range of experiments to try at home or at school.


Challenge Cards (

Range of STEM Challenges with info and videos.


Marvin and Milo | IOPSpark

155 simple experiments to try with engaging cartoons and explanations.  Use the View Chapters tool to browse or use the search tool at the top.


Do Try This at Home | Institute of Physics (
Video instructions for range of experiments.


Primary science teaching resources | RSC Education

Loads of other links to resources.

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