Running Young STEM Leader remotely

With many  delivering centres now working remotely, there are still ways to continue the Young STEM Leader Programme (YSLP). Even if you’ve never heard of YSLP until now, this could be a chance for you - young people, teachers and youth workers - to get involved and start your journey.  

For existing Young STEM Leaders (YSLs) who would like to continue delivering their activities, events and interactions, these can be delivered remotely from your home, classroom or youth club, or face-to-face if the restrictions allow.  You might need to change what you had planned to deliver but some creative thinking and perhaps inspiration from the ideas below will help. "Leadership" doesn't need to be face-to-face.   

Below we've answered some questions to help you continue with, or introduce yourself to, the Young STEM Leader Programme.

Completing Young STEM Leader during centre closures

Where are you located?

Our private studio is located in Groveland, Florida. Groveland is in South Lake County next to Clermont. We are approximately 25 minutes from Winter Garden/Windermere area, about 1 hour from most North Orlando areas, and about 1½ hours from Tampa.

What should I bring?

When you finally book an appointment, you will receive a list of suggestions of what to bring. We also have a studio closet full of options!

Will my photos be online?

Nope. We respect your privacy and never share photos without written permission. The ladies you see on this page gave us their written consent to share their images. If you decide to inspire other ladies with your photos, that's totally up to you but it's not a requirement to shoot with us.

Do you schedule groups or parties?

We don't. This is a full day experience and Mya prefers to work with a single client at a time. Some ladies need a little more time than others and she doesn't like to rush because someone else is waiting for her.

When are your Christmas and Valentine's dealines?

Your appointment must be held no later than October 15th for Christmas delivery and December 15th for Valentine's delivery.

Are hair and makeup included?

Absolutely! Before your shoot begins, you will get to relax in our makeover suite, enjoy some champagne and just let us do the work!

Do you photograph couples?

Not at this time.