Beyond YSLP: Becoming a STEM Ambassador

For those who are reaching the end of their Young STEM Leader journey, becoming a STEM Ambassador will enable YSLs to continue engaging with other young people post-school.


The Scottish Hub for the STEM Ambassador Programme works in partnership with YSLP, offering Young STEM Leaders the opportunity to become STEM Ambassadors as they reach the end of the programme.


Becoming a STEM Ambassador is the ideal next step for:


  • 17-year-old YSLs who are preparing to leave school

  • YSLs who hold an award at one of the formal levels, YSL4, 5 or 6

  • YSLs who are moving into a STEM destination at college, university
    or work

  • YSLs want to continue volunteering in STEM


YSLs who are interested and meet the list of requirements above should speak to their Tutor Assessor for more information.

And that’s not all!

Young STEM Leaders who go above the minimum 4 hours of STEM Leadership can count these additional volunteering hours towards their first year as a STEM Ambassador! 

New academic year: start YSLP

Jan: YSLP Team and STEM Ambassador Hubs share information on transition opportunity

Jan/Feb: TA shares transition opportunity with YSLs who meet the list of requirements  

Feb: YSLs register online to become STEM Ambassadors

March: YSLs complete training and PVG check to become STEM Ambassadors