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Beyond YSLP: Becoming a STEM Ambassador

For those who are reaching the end of their Young STEM Leader journey, becoming a STEM Ambassador will enable YSLs to continue engaging with other young people after they leave school.


The Scottish Hub for the STEM Ambassador Programme works in partnership with YSLP, offering Young STEM Leaders the opportunity to become STEM Ambassadors as they reach the end of the programme.


Becoming a STEM Ambassador is the ideal next step for:


  • 17-year-old YSLs who are preparing to leave school

  • YSLs who hold an award at one of the formal levels, YSL4, 5 or 6

  • YSLs who are moving into a STEM destination at college, university
    or work

  • YSLs want to continue volunteering in STEM


YSLs who are interested and meet the list of requirements above should speak to their Tutor Assessor for more information.

And that’s not all!

Young STEM Leaders who go above the minimum 4 hours of STEM Leadership can count these additional volunteering hours towards their first year as a STEM Ambassador! 

New academic year: start YSLP

Jan: YSLP Team and STEM Ambassador Hubs share information on transition opportunity

Jan/Feb: TA shares transition opportunity with YSLs who meet the list of requirements  

Feb/March: YSLs register online to become STEM Ambassadors

March: YSLs complete training and PVG check to become STEM Ambassadors

I am a Young STEM Leader, how do I become a STEM Ambassador?

1. Register as a STEM Ambassador on the STEM Learning website.

2. Provide your details. Complete the registration form, including uploading a picture and completing the biography with your interests and future goals.

  • In your biography, include what you're hoping to do when you leave school. If you don't know yet, just tell us what your current interests are. Mention that you are currently a Young STEM Leader.

  • Under 'my employment' put student and in 'organisation' search for your school e.g. St Andrew's Secondary School

  • Use a personal email address, like a GMail, not your school email address. This means you'll be able to access your STEM Ambassador account when you leave school.






YSLP transition 2.png
YSLP transition 1.png
skills and qualifications  screenshot.png
schemes screenshot.png

3. Induction. When you've registered, you'll be invited to complete your online induction via FutureLearn. You will receive a link by email to access this. Some of this induction will feel familiar to your Young STEM Leader experience, however, it's important to complete this induction because the STEM Ambassador role has some important differences.

4. PVG. Once your induction is complete, the next step is completing a Protecting Vulnerable Groups (PVG) application. All STEM Ambassadors are members of this scheme that certifies that members are able to work with children. We will email you to get started with your application.


For the application, you will need 

  • Photo ID. Acceptable forms include: driving licence (provisional or full), passport, YoungScot card, student card. 

  • Proof of your home address. Acceptable forms include: bank statements, SQA certificates, phone bills. If you are not able to provide this, ask your Tutor Assessor to provide a letter confirming your address.

When we have received this information, we will submit your details to Disclosure Scotland who will send you an application link. Once you have this link, you will have 7 days to complete the application. 

5. Receive your PVG certificate. This will get sent by post to your home address. When you've received it, email a photo of it to

6. You're now a STEM Ambassador! We'll activate your account and you can start volunteering and logging your hours straight away. To help you get started, check out the recorded Get Active video.

7. Record activities. You can start recording activities straight away using your STEM Ambassador account. If you have taken part in any STEM Leadership Activity beyond the 4 hours required for a YSL4, YSL5 or YSL6 award, use the information in your STEM Leadership Log (from YSLP) to transfer these to your STEM Ambassador account. 

YSLP transition 3.png

I am a Tutor Assessor, how do I support YSLs with this process?

Encourage YSLs to follow the steps above, and get in touch if you have any questions.

Young STEM Leader Team: 

STEM Ambassador Team:

Becoming a STEM Ambassador is an excellent way for YSLs to continue STEM engagement beyond the YSLP and gain recognition through a national volunteering programme. If you have a group of YSLs looking to become STEM Ambassadors at the same time, we can organise a group induction session with one of the STEM Ambassadors in Scotland team. Get in touch at to arrange this.

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