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YSLP Non-formal

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The non-formal version of the programme is offered at CfE Second, Third and Fourth Levels (YSL2, YSL3 and YSL4) and is underpinned by a framework that identifies the skills, knowledge and behaviours expected of a Young STEM Leader at each curricular level.

Although they follow a similar structure, each non-formal level has its own specific theme.


YSL2 focuses on leadership skills, qualities and behaviours as well as challenging stereotypes, misconceptions and outdated views in STEM.

YSL3 focuses on opportunities, pathways and futures in STEM including how to access these and exploring the Young STEM Leader’s own potential in STEM.

Dalmarnock PS-24.jpg

Young STEM Leaders at Dalmarnock Primary School who
are completing YSL2.

YSL4 focuses on the positive impact of STEM including collaborative and teamworking skills, as well as how STEM can change the world for the better.

In this version of the programme, there are four elements, linked directly to the four badges completed by YSLs: Discover, Create, Inspire and Lead. As YSLs progress to the formal version of the programme, digital badges are replaced with formally assessed learning outcomes and performance criteria.

YSL3 Log 3.png
YSL3 Log 2.png

YSLs can record evidence in their Log or using other methods

In the Discover Badge, YSLs will explore the meaning and importance of STEM. They will investigate the limitless context and applications of STEM, identifying the positive impact that STEM has had on the world and the many current and future opportunities it holds for them. Discover does not need to be the first badge YSLs do, but it is an ideal place to start the journey.

CreateAsset 1@4x.png

In the Create Badge, YSLs put their planning skills and imagination to work. Creativity is everywhere in STEM and YSLs will design their own STEM activities, events or interactions that they will lead. Considering the area of STEM they would like to share, its positive impact and the opportunities it offers are all part of the Create Badge. YSLs should also plan for the type of audience who could benefit from their leadership and how they intend to engage them in a safe and inspiring way. 

InspireAsset 1@4x.png

In the Inspire Badge, YSLs explore what it means to be inspired and who or what inspires them. What type of skills, qualities and behaviours do inspirational people possess and how will the YSLs themselves demonstrate these when they deliver their activities, events or interactions? The people, developments and innovations in STEM are all truly inspirational and inspire others to take part. When YSLs have delivered a STEM activity, event or interaction, they will have the chance to reflect on it and ask others how inspirational it was. 

LeadAsset 1@4x.png

In the Lead Badge, YSLs are encouraged to think of leaders who have the skills, qualities and behaviours to make a difference to others, for example: communication, cooperation, coaching, supporting and building confidence in others. The Lead Badge allows YSLs to build, develop and display their own leadership skills to deliver inspiration in STEM. 

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