There are a wide range of resources and supporting documents available for those involved with the Young STEM Programme.  On completion of training, YSLP Tutor Assessors are given full access to all of the Support Notes, Logs, policies and more. 

The resources below are open to anyone interested in the programme.

Programme Information Videos

The videos below provide an introduction and overview of YSLP.

YSLP Handbook

Download the YSLP Handbook below to learn about the rationale and finer detail of the programme.  


Download now (PDF)

Example Logs for Training
These documents are part of a discussion exercise during Tutor Assessor Training. They are not examples of best practice and should not be used as model answers.  

Example Logs for All Levels Training

Example Logs for Non-Formal Training (YSL2-4)

Example Logs for Formal 
Training (YSL4-6)

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