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Avoch Primary

Primary 5/4 at Avoch Primary School have been progressing with YSL2 as a class activity, with the focus being their sharing of science experiments with Primary 1 pupils in their school. The opportunity has been well received by all involved. Much time was spent initially discussing the skills a Young STEM Leader should demonstrate and many pupils can identify where their strengths lie and where they can develop.


A staged approach to practical investigations is being used with the class teacher, Cath Milne, initially demonstrating and discussing practical sharing skills and then gradually handing leadership over to the pupils. Pupils are buddied with the P1s so they have an ongoing relationship and are quickly developing a rapport and friendship.


Many of the pupils have realised that in order to share with others they need to know their facts, especially when the audience is young and can be easily distracted. Strategies have been discussed and P5/4 are now integrating these in to their sessions. These include speaking clearly and directly, presenting information in small chunks, introducing new and novel practical equipment in stages, removing equipment when it is finished with to prevent distraction, asking questions and, most importantly, being happy, confident and enthusiastic. At the end of each delivery session time is spent reviewing and reflecting with a view to continually improving. Completion of the log book is taking some time but the class teacher believes it is age and stage appropriate. Parts are set as homework tasks and this has the benefit that the pupils are sharing their activities and thoughts with those at home.


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