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Young STEM Leader

25 - 29 October 2021

Programme coming soon. Check back for details.

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Sunday 24 October 2021

Tutor Assessor Conference


To kick off this year’s #YoungSTEMLeaderWeek, Tutor Assessors are invited to be part of the inaugural Tutor Assessor Conference, a free, one-day experience led by TAs to share best practice, engage in discussions and activities and boost their experience of delivering YSLP. 

We are currently building this year’s programme and are calling for TAs to submit proposals to share their experiences of delivering, engaging with or supporting YSLP under one of the four following themes. Please note that every session will be delivered by an existing Tutor Assessor from any YSLP Delivering Centre in Scotland.

Conference Themes

Discovering digital

  • STEM online or on-screen

  • Tackling the digital divide

  • Engaging with remote audiences

Creating community

  • STEM leadership in non-school settings

  • YSLs in youth work, community settings or employers

  • STEM beyond the classroom 

  • Tackling barriers to participation

  • Exploring the limitless contexts of STEM

  • Engaging with STEM Ambassadors

Inspiring innovation

Leading learning

  • Linking to existing curriculum/awards

  • The journey to becoming a positive role model

  • Supporting all young people in a learning community

Proposals can be submitted under one of three options:


  • Keynote presentations are 20–30-minute live presentations covering a topic in-depth at different points throughout the conference

  • Insight talks are 15-minute pre-recorded video presentations as part of a wider session, followed by a live Q&A

  • Lightning panels are 5-minute pre-recorded video presentations, followed by a live Q&A with other speakers

Any live content such as keynotes or Q&A sessions will take place on Zoom and all conference content will be live-streamed via a private link on the YSLP YouTube channel.

Proposals are welcome from new or existing Tutor Assessors from schools, community settings or any other delivering centres. Whether you’ve been delivering the award since the pilot or are a new TA this academic year, we’d love to hear from you. The presentation can be based on any YSLP activity that has taken place either in the pilot year or during Academic Year 2020/21.

To submit a proposal, please complete this form by Monday 20th September at 11.59pm. 

For an informal discussion about your submission, please contact 

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