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STEM Leadership Showcase

STEM Leadership Showcase

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It’s over to Young STEM Leaders for the final day of #YoungSTEMLeaderWeek.
Today, YSLs have a platform to share their favourite STEM activities with other YSLs across Scotland through our Leadership Showcase.


How does it work?

  • Create a video up to 3 minutes long of you leading a STEM activity on your own or in a group.

  • The video should have a Title and contain the following:

    • Introduction What are your names and which centre do you go to?

    • Background to the STEM topic(s) that you will be sharing

    • Equipment that will be needed to take part in the activity

    • Instructions for viewers to do the activity at home or in their centre

  • Complete a permission form and upload it, along with the videos, to WeTransfer to be shared on the Young STEM Leader website.  Please submit no more than two videos per centre. The deadline for submissions is Friday 12th November, two weeks after Young STEM Leader Week. 

    • Permission form can be downloaded here​.

    • Upload a completed Permission form for each young person taking part, along with your video to WeTransfer at

    • On WeTransfer, type to send your files to us. Alternatively, you can use Google Drive, Dropbox or another method to share the videos, and forms just send us an email to let us know.

  • You can also Share on Twitter using the hashtag #YoungSTEMLeaderWeek – please note on Twitter the maximum video length is 2 minutes 20 seconds. On Twitter, you can share as many videos as you like.

Today there are no prizes, it’s about celebrating the fantastic achievements of Young STEM Leaders across Scotland. Don't forget to record this as a STEM Leadership activity in your Log. 

Here's two examples from the YSLs of Charleston Academy in Inverness:

Charleston Academy

Charleston Academy

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