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3 November 2022


Future of Transport

There are lots of different modes of transport that gets people and things from A to B, from walking to school, all the way to space probes launching into outer space. 

Many of these modes of transport currently rely on fossil fuels which contribute to the climate crisis. Transport of the future will therefore have to change drastically to meet our net zero carbon emissions targets to tackle the climate emergency.


Activity: Future of Transport

One of the ways that many of our things, from tiny bits of Lego all the way to cars, get to us is by boat. Investigate the properties of different materials and if they float or sink. Use this to inform your design of a boat to float and carry an object from A to B.

Download the activity sheet here.

Twitter Challenge

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Did you boat float?


What was the biggest or heaviest object that you managed to transport? Tag us in your photos and videos of your brilliant boats and let us know what you managed to transport @YoungSTEMLeader #YoungSTEMLeaderWeek

Enter by 8pm for the chance to win a prize for your centre!

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Future of Transport:
Transport Planning

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Tutor Assessor Meet Ups

We are so excited to be running our first ever in-person professional learning and networking events for Tutor Assessors. 

Join us to hear from the SSERC team about YSLP opportunities, get involved with STEM Ambassador demos of kit your YSLs can borrow and use, and meet other Tutor Assessors to share ideas and inspiration on how to make YSLP a success in your centre. 

Places are free to book and will include some refreshments.

Thursday 3rd November events:

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