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Young STEM Leader

The Future of STEM

31 October - 4 November 2022

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Get involved with
Young STEM Leader Week!

Young STEM Leader week runs from 31st October - 4th November 2022 with activities, events and challenges to engage and inspire Young STEM Leaders and Tutor Assessors across Scotland. 

The overall theme of this year's event is the Future of STEM, with each day representing the future of a different aspect of STEM: energy, nature, space, transport and careers. 

There will be a variety of ways for Young STEM Leaders and Tutor Assessors to get involved including:


  • Activities for YSLs to lead in their centres.

  • Social media challenges and competitions that YSLs can take part in using the hashtag #YoungSTEMLeaderWeek

  • Live events to inspire and engage YSLs, led by our partner organisations such as Dynamic Earth, Aerospace Kinross, Leidos and STEM Ambassadors in Scotland.

  • Professional learning and networking opportunities for Tutor Assessors including our first ever in-person events for Tutor Assessors across the country to get together, share ideas and inspiration, and participate in some professional learning.

All events, activities and resources are completely free to access for existing Delivering Centres. Find out more below.
Don’t forget to join in on Twitter #YoungSTEMLeaderWeek

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Get involved

Click each day for more information

TA Meetups

Professional Learning and Networking for Tutor Assessors

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Tutor Assessor Meet Ups

We are so excited to be running our first ever in-person professional learning and networking events for Tutor Assessors. 

Join us to hear from the SSERC team about YSLP opportunities, get involved with STEM Ambassador demos of kit your YSLs can borrow and use, and meet other Tutor Assessors to share ideas and inspiration on how to make YSLP a success in your centre. 

Places are free to book and will include some refreshments.


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Young STEM Leader Week 2022 Poster

Use this poster to tell Young STEM Leaders about what's happening in your centre during Young STEM Leader Week 2022.

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